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Omar Ouchene - How do you build trust in marketplaces?

May 25, 2023
Omar Ouchene

Omar Ouchene - How do you build trust in marketplaces?

New, shnazzy electronics come out every year that make us replace our old ones. For instance, the Walkman was ditched for the iPod, and eventually the iPhone… which has now seen 38 different models from Apple. Those old devices historically ended up at the bottom of a kitchen drawer or old shoe box. At least that was until Omar Ouchene identified a gap in the market for refurbished electronics.

Having achieved 8,000% growth in the first year of launching, an online marketplace for refurbished electronics, Omar solved an overlooked pain point for consumers – proving the value and reliability of used electronic goods. Learn the challenges he faced and the strategies he developed to overcome them in this episode of World of Commerce.

About the Guest

Omar Ouchene is the founder of, a Dutch marketplace for used electronics. He launched the company in 2015 as a refurbished supplier that sold products worldwide. After three years of experiencing fast growth and building its own warehouse, Omar led the transformation of the company into a global marketplace that is expected to hit €‎50 million in revenue this year.

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