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Ping Hao & Burke White

Co-Founders of Brand3P


How can brands win on marketplaces?

Apr 20, 2023
Ping Hao & Burke White

How can brands win on marketplaces?

The best place to build a brand in today’s retail climate is the place brands have come to hate the most - marketplaces.

Marketplaces allow businesses of all sizes to stand on the shoulders of giants. Now, more than half of all global ecommerce spending takes place on these platforms.

But participation alone gets you nowhere. Without a marketplace strategy, brands get lost in the search results. On average, 45-50 different brands take up the top 100 spots for organic searches on marketplaces. So how do you stand out?

Coming from the original team that built Walmart Marketplace, Ping Hao and Burke White, now co-founders of Brand3P, understand the rich opportunities and complex layers of selling on a marketplace. In this episode, they share their unique perspective on how brands can show up where consumers are looking.

Which products should you include in your marketplace catalog? How do you attribute your products? Why is retail media important? When does it make sense to leverage social media? What do you do with marketplace data? Listen to learn how to guide consumers down digital aisles.


Ping Hao and Burke White are co-founders, CEO & President of Brand3P, an award-winning omnichannel retail strategy company working with global brands and retailers on ecommerce marketplaces - Amazon, Walmart, and Brand3P works with global brand clients to elevate marketplace ecommerce stores into retail labs using consumer data to grow global sales and brand leadership. Brand3P has received “Best eCommerce Experience” from Modern Retail for consumer digital store strategies with their Brand Celebration Stores worldwide.

Ping and Burke are founding builders of Walmart Marketplace, leading business development, onboarding, partner success, and analytics from 250 to 20,000 sellers, which established a multi-billion revenue business and the fastest-growing global ecommerce marketplace in the US.

Ping has a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and MBA from Harvard Business School and Burke holds a Communications degree from University of California, Davis.

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