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Vincent Peters

CEO of Productsup


Vincent Peters - How the history of CRM has forged the future of P2C

Jul 27, 2023
Vincent Peters

Vincent Peters - How the history of CRM has forged the future of P2C

Journey back 30 years before CRM existed, where the sales industry was a chaotic maze of disconnected point solutions for managing customers, prospects, contracts, and more. There was no streamlined path to success, leaving businesses drowning in inefficiencies, inaccuracies, and unnecessary costs. 

Today, this tangled setup still exists for most companies’ commerce operations, where they use separate platforms to manage product data for listings, advertisements, inventory, customer feedback, and so on – leaving them with the same severe business threats as 30 years ago.

But behold, a revolutionary approach has emerged in commerce— Product-to-Consumer (P2C). In this episode, Vincent Peters explores the future of P2C and how it has the power to completely transform the way businesses operate. Vincent shares his experience introducing CRM to the industry back when Siebel Systems and Oracle were still sprouting. After having reshaped the sales landscape, he explains how the path to long-term success in today’s commerce world requires us to reimagine the journey product content takes as it moves from suppliers to buyers.   


Having worked at Siebel Systems and Oracle when they were still startups, and then TIBCO and Qlik through their massive growth years, Vincent Peters is a true software veteran. Now, Peters serves as CEO at Productsup, the leading Product-to-Consumer software company powering commerce success for the world’s largest companies, including IKEA, ALDI, and Beiersdorf. Under Peters’ leadership, Productsup has achieved major growth milestones, including a $70M Series B funding round and the acquisition of World of Content in 2022.

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