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Koen Looijmans

Founder of World of Content, a Productsup company


Koen Looijmans - Why do global product data standards matter? (GDSN/GS1)

Mar 31, 2023
Koen Looijmans

Koen Looijmans - Why do global product data standards matter? (GDSN/GS1)

What makes product data reliable? How can we trust that the information we’re reading on labels and descriptions is accurate? It’s all thanks to GDSN governed by GS1 standards.

GDSN stands for Global Data Synchronization Network and helps guarantee the quality of data by ensuring it meets a certain level of excellence. It’s how we know certain foods don’t have allergens or unsafe ingredients. Being GS1-certified through GDSN is absolutely crucial for brands and retailers to avoid risk, especially in CPG and beauty. 

In this episode, Koen Looijmans, founder of World of Content (now a Productsup company), breaks down everything you need to know about GDSN and GS1, including the challenges most companies face in getting their product data certified. How do you speed up manual processes? Can you create personalized experiences out of standardized data? Where can AI help?


As founder of World of Content, a Productsup company, Koen Looijmans has helped hundreds of brand manufacturers and online retailers streamline their ecommerce operations worldwide. His experience in the digital B2B market combined with his commercial vision have enabled him to create one of the fastest-growing content management platforms in the world. 

In his spare time, Koen loves to spend time with his son Jack, enjoys football matches, and likes good food at restaurants.

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