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Christian Hassold

VP of Corporate & Business Development at CommerceIQ


Christian Hassold - How do you remove collaboration barriers in cross-cultural commerce?

May 11, 2023
Christian Hassold

Christian Hassold - How do you remove collaboration barriers in cross-cultural commerce?

One of the most overlooked pain points for commerce businesses – whether you’re on the path to profitability or global expansion – is disrupted collaboration. After years of buying up point solutions, companies have inadvertently fostered siloed operations. Until you get all teams talking to each other (ie. marketing, advertising, ecommerce, in-store, and supply chain), driving results is nearly impossible. And seamless collaboration becomes even more important as you work cross-culturally. If you want to operate successfully in a region, you need to understand how commerce works there.

In this episode, Christian Hassold, a recovering entrepreneur with three exits, explores the collaboration challenges that hold businesses back from reaching their full potential and how they can be overcome.


Christian Hassold has a 25-year track record of success in CEO, Director, and VP level roles with diverse tech startups and scale-ups. He has sold two of the three companies he started, including one to ChannelAdvisor in 2017. Currently, Christian is VP of Corporate and Business Development at CommerceIQ, as well as a consultant to VC, PE, and startups in the commerce tech ecosystem. He has also previously served as VP at Salsify, where he led the company’s European GTM strategy and co-led an M&A deal that built regional revenues from $0 to $15M in two years. Christian holds an undergraduate degree from Harvard University.

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